Forget cloud storage!

Let's be honest; No regular computer user actually needs all of the ~15gb you get for free with Google Drive or other such services, yet people still host their files on them.

There is no cloud

Really, there is no such thing as "the cloud", it's just someone else's computer.

In reality you're not storing data "securely" as big corpos claim, but rather you are letting them do as they please with it. If you are concerned about privacy (as you should be) you would know that's a big mistake.

"B-but I don't care about corporations reading my d-data!!, I have nothing to hide", So you don't care about privacy? Then by that logic you shouldn't care about the right to free speech either because you have nothing to say.

There is no need

You might say you "need" it to make backups or the sort, but you can do the same with a cheap usb stick or an sd card.

I personally store my backups on 128gb hama usb stick and this not only means the data is more secure than a cloud server that can get hacked at anytime, but I can also access it offline.

Aggressive anti-consumer corporate tactics and the Chromebook menace

As modern computers have degenerated into becoming children's toys (aka "smart"phones), people are becoming used to having little internal storage on their toys and having to rent out cloud storage due to the lack of a microSD card reader in their toy. Of course that is done for money as no corporation ever cares or has cared about their customers, you are nothing but a source of money to them.

While still on the subject of evil corporations let us not forget about Google and their tightening grip on education, not just in the USA but in the world. Kids are now being raised on these locked-down devices so that Google can collect data for profit on them, now and when they're adults.

This is also not limited only to the so-called Chromebooks (garbage-tier laptops with a locked-down OS), but in my country (Romania), it happens on android tablets as well, which no one uses educationally as pretty much every student watches Netflix or plays mobile games (topics for another time) on them.

So forget about the cloud and become independent of the big corporations!