My first mechanical keyboard

I got it recently and I thought that I should talk about it.

An introduction

It's a redragon aryaman with outemu blue switches, it has a full ANSI 104 key layout (TKL and 60% are stupid). I used to love the ISO layout but after using an ANSI office keyboard for a bit, I actually kinda prefer it (plus this keyboard didn't have an ISO variant).

Why I got it

I had a redragon karura 2, that I got because I thought it'd be easy to clean, after a bit of tard/gamer rage while playing the OG Assassin's Creed, the board's little feet broke and I couldn't have it at an angle anymore. So I decided to just get a new keyboard.

I went to a computer shop and tested a few different types of switches. There I learned that I abhor linear switches and that to me brown switches feel like membrane, but I also found out that I really love clicky switches.

Now that I knew what switches to get, I picked it because of the wristrest and because of the full layout.

The actual keyboard

It's pretty great and I do recommend it, it has what you'd usually expect from a gaming keyboard, it does have some drawbacks though. For instance: there's some keycap wobble but that's what you get with cheap switches (Cherry mx switches are a scam though), the cable isn't braided (I don't care about that) and it's hardwired (I care about that) and the switches aren't hotswappable. :(

It's also pretty heavy and I'm not used to that yet lol.

Actually using it

It's amazing for typing and I really enjoy using it (I'm even writing this post with it!). For gaming it's still amazing and I really like the tactile feedback and clicky noise though accidental keypresses do happen sometimes because of the short actuation distance (keep in mind I'm coming from membrane).

Final thoughts

It's a huge step up from the keyboard I used previously and it BTFO's all my other keyboards.